Ben Lieberman

We are all petrified to be the victim of a drunk driver. Yet, according to studies, texting drivers are impaired to the blood alcohol level of someone legally drunk. It doesn’t take an academic study to conclude that if you are not looking at the road, you are more likely to cause a collision. Think about your day today: Do you know more people who will be driving drunk or who will be texting and multitasking while driving? My prediction is you will say dramatically more texters as opposed to drinkers. Now add in other Smartphone activities like email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ESPN, etc.

Deborah Becker

"My son was the front seat passenger in the head-on car collision that caused Evan Lieberman’s death. A woman who had stopped at the scene called to tell me my son was injured, lying on the side of the road waiting for medical help. When I was 14, I took the call from a hospital where my older brother was being treated after another driver caused an accident. My brother died, forever impacting my family.

I am working with the Lieberman family on DORCS in the hope we can prevent other families from receiving the terrible call that tells them a beloved family member has been injured or killed in a collision that could so easily have been avoided. We want drivers, especially young drivers, to make better judgments and not allow themselves to be distracted by cell phones, texting, drowsiness, putting on make-up, or whatever else takes their attention away from driving for fateful and fatal seconds.