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CBS Radio did a brief piece today on a DORCs partnered initiative. Please listen and forward to your Police Chief, Mayor or Town Supervisor and ask: Are we doing anything like this to stop Distracted Driving? Education, Legislation and Enforcement wo...

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Here's a really cool piece on Good Morning America. Gov Cuomo rolling up his sleeves and going out with police to find distracted drivers....check out this link.
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Unmarked cars are out patrolling specifically for Smartphone driving. Pass the word, it could save money but it definitely can save lives.

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Andrew Cuomo

Watch D.O.R.C.s co-founder Ben Lieberman speak about texting and driving at a Govenor Cuomo press conference.

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Lieberman FamilyEvan Lieberman died at age 19 in July 2011, a month after he was a passenger in a head-on crash in which the driver, another 19-year-old from Chappaqua, told police he fell asleep at the wheel.

But each time Lieberman’s father, Ben, heard what driver Michael A. Fiddle told about falling asleep around 7:50 a.m. June 16, 2011, on Route 6 in Orange County, the more he thought there was more to the story.

State police never charged or cited Fiddle in the crash that took Lieberman’s life and injured two other Chappaqua college students as they drove to a summer job in Woodbury. But Ben Lieberman pressed the issue.

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